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Larry Yee

Larry Yee currently serves as the Coordinating Director for the Food Commons, a new enterprise whose vision is to become the leading system of localized food economies.

Larry is retired from the University of California where he was the director of the Ventura County UC Cooperative Extension office and the UC Hansen Trust, which operates the UC Hansen Agricultural Center. For the past 25 years he has worked nationally on sustainable agriculture and food systems.

In 1996 and for the next 3 years, he worked closely with Dee Hock, founder and CEO Emeritus of VISA, on innovative organizational structures. This led to the development of Community Alliances of Interdependent Agriculture (CAIA), which was the precursor to the Association of Family Farms (AFF launched in 2002). Larry served as the co-founder and chair of AFF and now he serves on the executive committee and national board.

In 2003-04, Larry was appointed to a one-year assignment at USDA as National Program Leader for Food Marketing Systems Innovations. He has been involved with the Ag-of-the Middle national initiative and currently serves on the national coordinating committee.

Larry is also past co-chair of the California Roots of Change (ROC) and a board member of the Food Alliance. He served on the Los Angeles Food Policy Task Force and has now been appointed to the coordinating committee for the new LA Food Policy Council.

Larry lives in Ojai, CA where he serves on the Food for Thought board and works every Sunday volunteering at the Ojai Farmers Market.

He has an MBA in Agribusiness from the University of Santa Clara and was a Kellogg Fellow at the Resources for the Future Institute.

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